The Elementary Resource Kit is for grades K-6 and contains the following:

 Stop Bullying With Social Education Skills

This book was written as the core of the Stop Bullying with Social Skills Program and is intended to benefit children aged 4-19. The book contains 72 Elementary and 40 Secondary “Social skill recipes” students can be taught and practice with the assistance of a teacher, parent, caregiver, program leader or counsellor to improve their relationship skills, life skills and social skills. Children and youth can progress and advance their skill level as is appropriate. In the back of the book, there is a planning chart for setting up a schedule to coincide with the school year, program calendar or the direct needs of the child or youth. There is also a “skill achievement profile” which can be used by students, teachers, counsellor, program delivery team, caregiver or parents to track individual’s progress.

Social skill development is very effective when children are engaged regularly with parents, caregivers and family members. Each skill builds on skills learned earlier, as the child’s skills increase; they become accepted as the new norm, the “way we behave with our family, friends, schoolmates and peers.

What if…?” Bullying situation cards

The “What if….” cards are intended to benefit children and youth aged 7-16. They can be used by schools, youth groups, counsellors, teachers, parents, caregivers, church groups, and more. These cards were designed for one on one use, as well as in small and large groups for brainstorming sessions and discussions, supervised by a teacher, parent, caregiver, counsellor or any positive mentoring groups. Students can explore, discuss and practice their “safe, non-violent bullying stopping plans” with different “what if…” situations and responses. Many rich conversations and teachable moments (back and forth) happen while working with these real life scenario cards. If students do not know what to do when faced with a bullying situation, they may surrender their power and self-esteem, or fight back with their words or fists. Some students may react in other inappropriate negative ways, possibly causing bullying situations to escalate. There are no guarantees, however, if youngsters have practiced and are prepared with a plan and increased social skills, they are more apt to keep their own power and deal with the bullying situations in a more socially acceptable, effective, safer and successful manner.

Available in English & French

Bully Stopping Plans – Posters (9 posters)

The posters are intended to teach the 9 – “power keeping” ways to stop a bully using life skills and social education skills. They can be used individually as a visual aid or used in conjunction with “My Bully Stopping Plans” story book.

My Bully Stopping Plans Story Book

This story book is intended to teach techniques for reducing bullying in a safe, non-violent way while using life and social skills. It can be read aloud and discussed with children and youth. This book works hand in hand with our Elementary classroom kit for grades K-6. The bully stopping plans are also available in individual poster size to share the plans visually.

Elementary Social Skill – Poster Sets, (64 posters)

These posters are intended to be used as visual teaching aids to support the teaching and learning of social skills, life skills, and relationship skills as well as how we behave in groups skills. The social skill “recipes” are also contained in our “Stop Bullying with Social Education Skills” book. They can be used by schools, teachers, youth groups, counsellors, parents, church groups, and more.

Virtuous Action Cards

These cards are intended to benefit children and youth aged 4-19. The 50 sequenced virtue cards provide hundreds of examples of how virtuous behaviours and actions can be incorporated into their lives every day with family, friends and fellow students. The cards can be used in discussions, role playing, virtue word practice and writing activities. They can be used by schools, teachers, youth groups, counsellors, parents, church groups, and more.

Available in English & French

Emotion Cards

These cards are intended to teach children, youth, and adults about, emotion vocabulary, body language, feelings vocabulary, and effective communication within themselves and others all around emotions in order to enhance relationships, self-awareness and build Emotional Intelligence (EQ). On the back of each card there are 10 thought provoking and skill building discussion questions that can further the rich learning associated with these cards. They can be used by schools, teachers, youth groups, counsellors, parents, caregivers, church groups, and more.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most valuable intelligences we as relating humans have. Understanding the importance of body language and non-verbal communication cues (which is 93% of how we communicate with others) is a very important skill. Having well developed EQ allows us to relate to others more effectively and leads to more healthy, happy and productive relationships.

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