Susan has been providing professional workshops for teachers, businesses, social workers, and leaders in First Nation and Inuit communities for the past 20 years.  Susan is a published author of two books, educational curriculum and an international speaker.  Her workshops have been described as enlightening, valuable, positive, and dynamic.

Susan’s passion for ensuring the wellness and success of First Nations people has driven her toward the highest standard of excellence in the work that SBE Group does. Her commitment to this mission has allowed SBE Group to expand into the organization that is it today, providing top quality, culturally appropriate, and results oriented workshops for all stages of life.

Susan is proudly Cree with Metis status and SBE Group is registered as a 100% First Nation owned company.



Nichole was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is an entrepreneur, an International award-winning artist and computer technical genius! Wow, lucky for us Nichole is our Managerial Chieftess. Nichole has been with SBEgroup for the past 4 years, not only does she manage us all but she is a major contributor to our workshops, and webinars in content, design, advertising and delivery.

Nichole has extensive training and knowledge in life skills, computer skills, design, watercolors, photography and videography. Nichole’s has traveled extensively internationally and as well as within Canada’s First Nation Communities.

Nichole’s facilitation and workshop delivery receive incredibly positive comments such as, fun, engaging, thought provoking and really helpful. Nichole has a unique talent in making her participants feel immediately comfortable and open to sharing their stories and experiences while having good laughs all the way along.

As with us all, Nichole has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.



Adrienne made her first contributions as a teenager to SBE Group as illustrator for our Social Education Skills Resources. These resources have been shared in over 280 First Nation and Inuit Schools in Canada. Adrienne was raised as a contributing member of SBE Group in workshop promotions, design / creation, advertising, and facilitation. Adrienne often traveled with her Mom to the communities and special conference events, which allowed her to learn more about her culture and Canada’s First Nations. 

Adrienne, a Certified Life Skills Coach, also graduated from College with a Diploma in Business Management with a major in Marketing in 2019.  

Adrienne’s early start in SBE Group as well as her education and training, has supported one of her roles as a facilitator of our, Wellness Webinars, Computer Skills Training and Art Expressions Programs for youth. Adrienne is an integral member of our team that has made our workshops and training what they are today.  

 As with us all, Adrienne has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.  



Jodi was born in Southern Ontario, in a suburb of Toronto, but now calls Thunder Bay home.  After Jodi obtained her degree from George Brown College, she spent 15 years traveling around the world and living out of a backpack.

Jodi is a certified Red Seal Chef for more than 35 years, and during that time she has also achieved a Master’s Degree in Education. Jodi also holds certificates in Herbalists, Naturopath Nutrition, Nutrition Theory and Food principals, Wild Foods and Prep of Edible Plants.

Jodi’s Facilitating skills have been described as outgoing, entertaining, thought provoking and inventive.  Jodi’s working history in the communities makes her an exciting positive addition to SBE groups’ family.

Jodi enjoys meeting new people, learning about their ideas, opinions, and family traditions.  Jodi always feels very privileged when she is invited to join other communities and partake in the sharing of knowledge, customs, and traditions.

As with us all, Jodi has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.



Jessalyn was born and raised in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Lived in Fredericton, New Brunswick where she achieved her Bachelors Degree in Nursing, then returned back to the Annapolis Valley to establish her home and begin her nursing career.

Growing up in a small town, she learned as a child, the importance of strong community relationships. She has always valued her close family and friends. Even though she no longer lives in the community she grew up in, she maintains relationships and carries the sense community wherever she goes.

Jessalyn has worked as a Registered Nurse in the medical field for 7 years. This has allowed her to make new relationships, work with a variety of different people and cultures. Through her work in the hospital, she was able to find and cultivate her passion for helping and teaching people.

She is looking forward to trying something that continues to be rewarding, helping others and fun. Always interested in learning new things she is very excited to be taking this step with the SBE group.

As with us all, Jessalyn has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.



Shivonne is a proud member of Fort William First Nation and is currently living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Shivonne was born and raised in her community surrounded by her loving family, nature and her culture.

Shivonne has worked for her community for 8 years in various roles and employment positions. Her latest position was an Employment and Training Councillor  which sparked her interest in achieving her Life Skills Coaching Certification. Shivonne has a deep passion for helping First Nation people strive to be their best selves.

Family is especially important to Shivonne, she took time off from work to take care of her mother and 3 wonderful children.

Shivonne is now back in the workforce and ready to take on anything life throws her way, tall and proud.



Rose Pittis has over 25 years of experience working in the non-profit sector in Mental Health and Addictions, primarily with indigenous organizations and communities. As a Registered Social Worker with an MSW and a degree in Outdoor Recreation, she has worked as a counselor with at-risk indigenous youth, developed and facilitated training programs for professional Mental Health Workers, was a Senior Manager of Mental Health and Addictions in an indigenous organization for many years and has worked in the field as a consultant for ten years.

Recently retired, Rose lives in the rural community of South Gilles and believes in the spiritual power of her connection with the land and her horses.

Rose enjoys re-connecting with indigenous communities through her work with SBE Group and believes in the power of attaining wellness and success through the holistic connection of body, mind, emotions and spirit.



Nancy was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Treaty Six land, home to the Cree and Metis. She is of settler ancestry of Ukrainian and Irish roots with celebrations and traditions she still holds close to her heart. Growing up in the prairies Nancy loved learning about her culture and many other cultures and traditions as well as learning from the land. Her life path has taken many turns and different directions that has lead her to joining the SBE Group. Her post secondary journey took her through the Professional Cooking program and then into the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program at the SIAST – Kelsey Campus where she really got to explore her love of cooking and hospitality. Nancy knew this still wasn’t quite her calling and from a Girl Guide exchange trip she was leading with her Pathfinder unit, her true passion showed and that is teaching, helping others learn and grow. In 2019, Nancy convocated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelors degree in Education, being the first in her direct family lines to graduate from university. 

She spent two years in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan teaching second grade while learning as much as she could about the culture and language of the Swampy Cree Metis that inhabit the island of the Northern Delta. This experience has given her the foundation and taught her what it means to live mino-pimatisiwin, living the good life, no matter who or where you come from but how to get to where you are supposed to be in time. As a teacher part of the profession is to always be learning and growing, building understanding and one way Nancy continues to do that is by building relationships with those that have taught her and guided her along her journey. Relationships drive everything! As well as language, from a young age Nancy was taught to speak Ukrainian and a little sign language, in university she took Cree and knows just a little French and English being her first language. 

As with us all, Nancy has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.



Joe was born in Red Deer Alberta and has lived in Vancouver and St John’s Newfoundland and now Thunder Bay Ontario is his home.

Joe has an Earth Sciences Degree from Memorial University. After many successful professional achievements in the Environmental field, he turned his attention to the Humanities. During his 6 year journey of personal growth and development he discovered his passion for helping others to be their best and achieve their personal goals.

Joe has traveled to many First Nation Communities Nationally through SBE Group and successfully ignited enthusiasm in others to discover their best in their relationships, community living, and work.

Joe is a contributing member to all our wellness workshops and webinars in content and delivery. Joe’s past participants have said his facilitation and workshop delivery is calming, interesting and motivational. Joe takes pride in spending extra one-on-one time with his participants.

As with us all, Joe has a passion to offer our community members the absolute best experience with SBE Group as possible.



Lana is passionate about teaching healthy  life skills and  relationship skills to individuals who want to live a purposeful and abundant life. She is an award winning speaker, trainer, educator and musician who combines all of these skills in unique and inspirational ways when delivering workshops. Lana has a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Sociology, with 25 year’s experience in career and employment counselling . Through those years of helping students and adults discover their life and work passion, she developed innovative training strategies that help foster healthy relationships, promote life balance and manage stress in our high demand world.  Lana has returned to her native Thunder Bay area after living in Alberta for 35 years and now lives in her beloved little piece of heaven in Shuniah, Ont. Lana has two grown children, 2 grandkids, a dog and a husband. (Not necessarily in that order!) She is very excited to be part of the SBE Group.



Brenda is a happily retired school Principal with 30 years experience working with First Nations communities. She has taught almost all levels of education and is really enjoying teaching youth, adults and education professionals . Brenda believes we all have special skills and abilities, and as an educator she is committed to helping all her clients discover theirs. Like many of us she enjoys being outside either fishing, riding or playing with her two horses. Brenda is the proud mother of two grown daughters and along with her husband, owns and operates Hyatt’s Manion Lake Camp a fishing and hunting resort in Northwestern Ontario.



Susanne is a recently retired educator with 30 years of experience in Northwestern Ontario as a teacher, principal and supervising principal. Susanne attended Western, Winnipeg and Lakehead Universities to obtain her BA/BEd and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Charles Sturt University in Australia.  Most recently, Susanne has enjoyed teaching Indigenous adults, who are pursuing post secondary diplomas, in Nipissing University’s Native Classroom Assistant Diploma Programme.

When not teaching, or facilitating workshops, Susanne works with her husband at Vermilion Bay Lodge, their fishing vacation business. Susanne is excited to learn with and from workshop participants in First Nations Communities!



Wendy was born and raised in Thunder Bay and now resides in the beautiful community of Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. With her husband and 2 children, Wendy operates a small hobby farm with horses, dogs, cats, and plenty of wildlife.  A business owner and active community member, Wendy has made human connections and positive support networks a key foundation to the establishment of her past and present businesses. With a background in Human Resources and Business Administration, Wendy has been a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years in a variety of fields.  Now, these skills are essential in her role as she helps communities prepare for their workshops, and ensures everyone gets where they need to go.



Gareth has been involved with SBE Group for over 12 years, helping out with design and production.

He began his career as a graphic designer and a production artist in the printing industry over 25 years ago, including managing a small print shop for several years.

Gareth transitioned to the agency industry, joining Extreme Group as a project and production manager, where he remained for over 11 years, and now plies his trade at Chester + Company, managing their studio.

He has worked with such high-profile clients as Tourism Nova Scotia, Bell Aliant, Sony Canada, Moosehead Breweries, Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, Eastlink, and O’Regan’s Automotive Group, among many others..



Elvis is a cool dude that specializes in making visits to SBE Group offices a memorable event. Special requests to have Elvis visit your community are an option. He loves to share the love and his chill personality. Once on your lap you will love him as we all do.



Bullying is an issue that concerns us all. In this informative workshop learn how to deal with bullying, social skill issues that result in negative interactions and how to create a safe, bullying-free environment.


This informative 3 hour session is designed for caregivers, parents, front line workers, concerned community members & all those who work with children & youth.


This workshop is designed to help individuals learn more about travelling through grief, loss and trauma in the most empowering way possible, for ourselves and others, that we want to help in our lives.


Designed to assist parents and caregivers with the difficult role of parenting. In this workshop participants will walk away with a “parenting plan” covering such areas as social skills, rules, chores, homework, school, and much more. “You go!” moms, dads and caregivers.


Who doesn't need a little help along the way. Becoming Emotionally Healthy focuses on empowering people and helping them to reflect and discover themselves while gaining a better understanding of who they are.


You will learn more about emotions, self-regulation, and anger management so that you can have more meaningful, long-lasting and healthy bonds with others, as well as with yourself.


This team building workshop is for Chiefs, councillors, Entities, Band Office Staff,
School Staff, Board, Health Center…any team!


These positive and interactive sessions are for: youth and adults who are seeking positive change in their personal lives, while also seeking new careers, business ventures or education.