SBE Group is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We design and deliver training, workshops and resource materials for individuals, families, schools and communities across North America. Our products and services are intended to enrich and improve lives and have a positive social impact.


At SBE Group, we have a 20 year history of focusing on bullying awareness and prevention. Our Bullying Prevention workshops are uniquely solution based, and are aimed at building healthy individuals, relationships, and improving social skills and life skills.


Relationships – they are at the heart of everything we do. Our Emotional Health workshops help participants develop necessary skills & knowledge that lead to happier, more satisfying and rewarding lives and relationships.


Working as a part of a team is necessary in daily life. Participants in our team building workshops learn more about themselves and the members of their team. This workshop builds healthy understanding, effective communication skills and positive powerful teams.


The People are the most important component of our group.
The People depend on our expertise as we depend upon their patronage.
The People are our work’s purpose.
The People do us a kindness and provide us with an opportunity by inviting us onto their territory.
Each is a human being with feelings and emotions like ourselves.
The People come to us with needs and wants.
It is our mission to fill these, and having made a positive impact by knowing us.
The People are deserving of the most courteous, informative, and empowering programming we can provide.
The People are the lifeblood of this group.


Bullying is an issue that concerns us all. In this informative workshop learn how to deal with bullying, social skill issues that result in negative interactions and how to create a safe, bullying-free environment.

This informative 3 hour session is designed for caregivers, parents, front line workers, concerned community members & all those who work with children & youth.

This workshop is designed to help individuals learn more about travelling through grief, loss and trauma in the most empowering way possible, for ourselves and others, that we want to help in our lives.

Designed to assist parents and caregivers with the difficult role of parenting. In this workshop participants will walk away with a “parenting plan” covering such areas as social skills, rules, chores, homework, school, and much more. “You go!” moms, dads and caregivers.

Who doesn’t need a little help along the way. Becoming Emotionally Healthy focuses on empowering people and helping them to reflect and discover themselves while gaining a better understanding of who they are.

You will learn more about emotions, self-regulation, and anger management so that you can have more meaningful, long-lasting and healthy bonds with others, as well as with yourself.

This team building workshop is for Chiefs, councillors, Entities, Band Office Staff, School Staff, Board, Health Center… any team!

These positive and interactive sessions are for: youth and adults who are seeking positive change in their personal lives, while also seeking new careers, business ventures or education.

If you are interested in one of our workshops